Top 5 Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV & Set Top Box

Below mentioned are some of the best voltage stabilizers that you can attach to your TV sets.

While you can’t control the supplied electricity, you can definitely add a Best Voltage Stabilizer to your TV setup to keep it safe.

1.V-Guard Crystal Plus Smart (Best Voltage Stabilizer)

Top 5 Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV & Set Top Box

V-Guard is for sure one of the most well-known brands that make stabilizers to keep your costly appliances safe.

This stabilizer can manage voltage from as low as 90V to 290V, which is more than enough for normal homes.

The company has also made this machine with durable material so that it lasts really long for you.

A wide variety of TV types are supported including smart TVs and 3D LED TVs with screen sizes ranging from 32 inches to 47 inches.

It supports a 3A plug for using with larger displays and you can even include your home theatre system or set-top box to keep them safe as well.

The stabilizer has a digital screen to display the voltage and it comes with 3 years of warranty.

2.V-Guard DIGI 200

V-Guard Abs Digi 200 Voltage Stabilizer for Television, Grey

Like we told you in the section above, V-Guard makes some of the best products in the market and it also offers solutions for people having larger LED TVs.

This DIGI 200 voltage stabilizer from the company supports TVs of up to 70 inches with its 6A plug onboard.

This model also has two sockets for you to add extra appliances like DVD players and set-top boxes along with the TV sets.

You will get a voltage range of 90V to 290V, which again is more than enough that you’d need in daily use.

The company has designed it to reduce line noise and protect against voltage spikes.

It is also compatible with generators and comes with a warranty of 3 years.

3.V-Guard VDI 400

V-Guard VDI 400 Voltage Stabilizer (White)

Electronic voltage stabilizer for INVERTER AC

Intelligent Time Delay System – Protects the compressor in the air conditioners from adverse effects of frequent power failure and erratic voltage fluctuation by providing proper balancing time; thus ensuring longer life of the air conditioners

Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection – Protect connected equipments from high voltages as well as low voltages.

Built In Thermal Overload Protection – At times when temperature rise happens in stabilizer due to overload or due to any damages in connected equipment, the stabilizer output will cut off to protect the equipment.

Wall Mounting Cabinet Design – Attractive cabinet that perfectly blends with house interiors, stylish new display and easy to install

Overall Best Voltage Stabilizer

Warranty – 3 years

4.V-Guard Mini Crystal Smart for 82 cm (32) TV

Top 5 Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV & Set Top Box

We shall give you the second option of using v guard mini crystal supreme model. It suits for the 32” (80 cm) TV only. Both the mini crystal and mini crystal supreme models are similar to each other. LED indicator is well utilized. Due to the internal features and specifications cost varies between the two. It comes with the price range of under Rs. 2,000/-

5.V Guard crystal plus smart voltage stabilizer for up to 47 inches LED TV

Top 5 Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV & Set Top Box

Based on our research we found that v guard crystal plus smart voltage stabilizer comes under the third position of the overall best v guard stabilizers for TV in India. It supports all the TV for up to 47”, if it is connected with the other equipment which could be used with TV. Comparatively, it is available for higher price range of up to Rs. 3,200/-

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