Automatic Sanitizer Spray | Buying Guide 2020

Hi guys as we know the many types of sanitizers machines are available in the market to buy but now many brands are working on electronic sanitizer spray for our safety and in this post, we review a new Automatic Sanitizer Spray.

We provide all details of the Automatic Sanitizer Spray like how to use and many good things about this product.

Timios Mini Automatic Sanitizer Spray Bottle for Home

Sanitizer Spray

So guys this is the mini portable sanitizer spray and its use for Keys, Mobile, and Personal Care and its pocket size so you can carry this spray any time.


  • Very simple to use and easy to carry anywhere
  • Moisturize and Refresh your skin
  • 20ml-large water tank
  • Best for sanitizing your phone, keys and you can also use this to sanitizes lift buttons before touching.
sanitizer spray

In the market, there are available many sanitizer sprays but this one is the best choice and you can easily buy it from amazon we provide the best buy link also to buy easily.

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